Artist Interviews

In the tradition of Ego Dialogues I select interesting artists and not only present their artworks but also a glimpse into their persona and background by conducting an intriguing personal interview with each of them. The interviews are sorted chronologically, from the latest to the oldest.

Artist interview: Jaume Cullell A Dialogue with Jaume Cullell
Artist interview
Jaume Cullell is a an artist and illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. At first I was drawn to his work because he has done some of the cutest caricatures I have seen and while caricatures can be lots of things, from entertaining to downright grotesque, they are seldom cute. Looking at more of his works, incl. caricature work, you will see that they are more than that and can hardly be described with any single adjective.
Artist interview: El Gato Chimney
A Dialogue with El Gato Chimney
Artist interview
When I first saw his paintings the style looked familiar and his artworks made sense to me. Playful, surrealistic and with a touch of lowbrow – what’s not to like?
Artist interview: Mike Capp
A Dialogue with Mike Capp
Artist interview
Mike Capp likes to play. He merges the popular with the classic to each time create new and unique combinations. He likes toys and Rock ‘n’ Roll and creates not only playful paintings but also pretty cool T-shirt designs. He makes an impression of a fun-loving guy you’d want to be around on a rainy day.
Artist interview: Brian Despain
A Dialogue with Brian Despain
Artist interview
Brian Despain is an artist I discovered back in 2007 when I deeply fell in love with one of his paintings. Today it is my pleasure to not only once again feature that painting as part of the beautiful art series, but also introduce you to the quirky artist himself.
Artist interview: Stephen Gibb A Dialogue with Stephen Gibb
Artist interview
Stephen Gibb is a contemporary artist with a strong inclination towards the surreal and an apparent tendency towards clocks and dodo birds.
He is not only an original painter but also an interesting individual so you are likely to enjoy the following dialogue as well as Stephen’s artworks.